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Dilworth VFW Post 1223

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Dilworth, MN 56529


What coffee is the strongest?

The strongest coffee that is most readily available to any normal person is generally Folger's Gourmet Supreme, found at the cheaper stores - it's the poor man's coffee, but the best coffee. This coffee is robusta beans that are used to make the "super alert" or "wake up" coffee found in most convenience stores and gas stations. To make it extra strong, brew a pot the usual way in your coffee maker and then pour it back in and change the coffee grounds to fresh and brew it again. Do not eat sauerkraut before doing this.

The Legend of Fleebo Horgenmueller

It's been some 7 years now and few remember that cold and windy afternoon of bingo. In her usual spot at table 1 sat Alfrida Muskeborn while at table 4 was the dark nemesis Hilda Klotemeter.

Sitting in the very back at table 5 was Fleebo Horgenmueller. Now old Fleebo was known to get himself a round of bingo about once a month, maybe less. Alfrida's frustration level was rising throughout the day while her arch enemy Hilda seemed more than pleased with herself. Alfrida believed that Hilda was cooking up a scheme to get a seat at table 1, which had by far the best and most comfortable chairs. Table 1 also had a nice warm wind from the heating vent which made it even more coveted, especially since it turned to AC in the summer. On the 5th ball of the next game, Fleebo Horgenmueller stood up, raised both arms in the air and with a loud clear voice exclaimed bingo. Frustration was so high in the room that no one even bothered to look at him and then he straight up disappeared. Vanished is a better description.

All the remained was a left handed glove and a dauber with braille letters that spelled fergnorgen. No bingo card was found, and the game continued on to be won by Bertha Larsokowski. Alfrida always suspected Hilda had some nefarious part in this incident which ultimately did lead to Hilda seizing a seat at table 1. This was due to a change in the ride schedule which made Alfrida late to bingo ever after. She did manage to exact some pleasure from a bizarre gardening accident where Hilda had all of her fingers welded together at a demonstration of 2 part epoxy during a Garden Show. Hilda's dauber hand has not been restored to full functionality ever since.

As for Fleebo Horgenmueller, no one knows what happened to him. In fact no one ever bothered to even look for him and his very existence passed into legend.

And then there was old Fredler Maurice Punkelsford....

Fredler Punkelsford was a messenger boy back in World War I. During the second world war he was Mail Clerk 3rd Class. Old Fredler signed on with Otto Buddle's outfit as a track man on the Great Pacific Railway. Every day at lunch old Fredler would get himself about 4 beers and drink a quarter beer and pour the rest into his rubber boots so he could drink it later while he was working on the railroad. He'd go about half way to his knee in each boot. He contracted a very persistant and seldom seen toe fungus that ended his railroad days in about 1960. No one knows what ever happened to him after that.


The World's Loudest Fart ever measured occurred on April 12, 2016 at 6:40pm in the men's restroom at the Dilworth VFW.
Raymond Pizarro registered a 112 decibel reading on an Ennologic eS440A sound level meter with a single flutter blast
lasting approximately 3 seconds. In contrast, crowd noise at an NDSU Bison football game in the Fargodome has hit
115 decibels. The porcelain tiles in a confined space gives a significant advantage.
worlds loudest fart ever
A small memorial plaque commemerating the world's loudest fart ever has been stolen numerous times.
There is a Fart Contest Tonight, I say again there is a Fart Contest Tonight